The innovative engineering of fasteners is the heart of our DNA.

Fastinox engineers support the customer’s product development and provide best-in-class fastening solutions. As single point of contact, the Fastinox engineering team optimizes fastening solutions − from concept through serial production − in the areas of design, total-cost, assembly-performance, and complexity.

We realize total cost-savings by reducing:

  • development time

  • assembly time

  • the number of different parts

  • weight

  • tooling cost

  • complexity

In addition to our own expertise in Bill of Material development and optimization,

As a service provider, we are unique in having this access to the world’s most complete expertise in fastener applications and technologies.

Added-value engineering services for both new and running projects


We offer our complete engineering services for both new and running projects and through both resident and remote engineering:



New projects


As your partner right from the start, Fastinox's engineering team fully complements your own in-house engineering − ensuring the quality, efficiency and overall performance of the fasteners. Starting from your requirements or functional specifications, we develop the optimal BOM to maximize cost-effectiveness and quality.

We provide customer on-site support for R&D, creation of customer drawings, release and production phase, and engineering administration for the project.


Running projects


To identify opportunities for increasing the cost-effectiveness of existing processes and products, we offer ongoing product development and continuous improvement by performing line walks, standardization analysis, application engineering and product tear-downs.

Specialist in new product development

For new applications − like battery supports for electric vehicles, or lightweight materials

For existing applications − re-designing fasteners and other C-parts with state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies, to improve cost, weight and functionality.

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