In today’s changing economic climate, flexibility and a cost-effective approach are vital for our customers.

On time delivery is paramount. Fastinox works alongside customers to identify critical fasteners in the supply chain whilst ensuring we adhere to our principles of Lean manufacturing. Supply choices range from a fully integrated JIT system where Fastinox takes full control of deliveries, to packaging in customers’ branded boxes.

Our Solutions


For the OEM market and secondary supply, Fastinox offers a number of logistical solutions all supported by a fully integrated EDI system, including:

  • JIT (Just in Time) System

  • Weekly or Monthly Schedule Supply

  • Consignment Stock

  • Cheap KLT System

  • Customer KLT System (Kanban)

  • Ex-Works or Delivered options according to standard Incoterms

  • Export Standard packaging


The innovative engineering of fasteners is the heart of our DNA.

Fastinox engineers support the customer’s product development and provide best-in-class fastening solutions. As single point of contact, the Fastinox engineering team optimizes fastening solutions − from concept through serial production − in the areas of design, total-cost, assembly-performance, and complexity.


As an independent global sourcing partner, Fastinox guarantees you the most cost-effective and secure sourcing − while upholding automotive quality controls.

Thinking globally, acting locally.